Lithium Hub 24V 7.5AH Battery Pack (Halong case)

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TypeLi-ion Battery Pack (NMC)
Standard Capacity7.5AH @ 0.2C
Series * Parallel7S*3P
Watt - Hour180 WH
Weight5Kg. Approx.
Battery Dimension (L*W*H)360*90*90 mm
Warranty2 years
Rated Voltage


Max Charged Voltage29.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage19.95V
Standard Charging Current2 A
Max Charging Current3.5 A
Max Continuous Discharge Current20 A
Peak Discharge Current40 A
Standard Charging Temperatures0ºC to 45ºC
Discharge Temperature-20ºC to 60ºC
Storage Temprature-20ºC to 45ºC
Life Cycles1000times +
Charging Time4 Hrs Approx
Over Charge Protection in BMS29.4 V (4.2V per cell)
Deep Discharge Protection in BMS19.95 V (2.8V per cell)
Thermal Protection in BMS68ºC
Short Circuit Protection in BMSYes 
Case RatingHalong Case

  1. 29.4V Upper Cut-off
  2. 19.95V Lower Cut-off
  3. Thermal Protection
  4. Halong Case
  5. 360*90*90 mm (Dimensions )
  6. Fast Charging
  7. More than 1000 Life Cycles
  8. Short Circuit Protection 
  9. Over Charge Protection
  10. BMS (IP68) Integrated Battery Pack
  11. Battery Warranty for 24 Months 
  12. Optional: Battery Display, Communication or Connectors on Demand