ROP 1000 W RC A 22 RT 3.2 Brushless DC Motor

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Brand : EMF
Category :  BLDC Brushless Hub Motor
SKU: EMF70053

Rated Voltage (V) : 48 Volt DC.
Rated Speed : 3000 RPM.
No Load Speed : 4,500 RPM.
Class of Insulation : Class F/Class B.
IP Rating : IP 65.
Option : 60/72 Volt.

High quality and competitively priced Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSMs) for various mobility applications.
The applications range from hub motors for electric two-wheelers to motors for electric three-wheelers.
Key Features
Great reliability and efficiency.
High torque-weight ratios.
High speed and constant torque.
High performance in both high and low speed of operation.
Low rotor inertia makes it easy to control.

Ranges & Applications 
Power range from 0.5kW to 10kW.
 Electric Two & Three Wheeler Vehicles.