BH-36/48-8/6-250-15-500/650 - Smart Controller

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Brand : EMF
Category :  Smart Controller
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Technical Specifications 
Operating voltage = 36V/48V DC.
Maximum current = 15A ± 1A.
Rated power = 250W.
Rated current = 8/6 A.
Peak power = 500W/650W.

Features as follows 
Voltage selection (36V/48V) .
Lower cut off voltage (for 36V,48V separately).
Higher cut off voltage (for 36V,48V separately).
Three speed (Low, medium, high).
Cruise control.
EBS selection.
Regenerative braking.
Display for speedometer.
Hall sensor.
 Electric door lock.
High brake.
Low brake.

Wiring Debugging Procedure

Step1: Connect the 3 Motor Phase Wires and 5 Hall Wires.

(Make sure to connect the Hall Wires carefully and correctly.
If the Hall Wires are not connected, or the Hall Wires are wrongly connected, or the Hall Component inside the motor are damaged, the Controller may not be able to drive the motor, or the motor may be able to operate but only low speed can be achieved, not high speed. In this case, the high speed gear and medium speed gear are the same speed.)
Step 2: Connect the positive and negative electrodes of the power wires and electric door lock wire.
(Pay close attention to the Positive and Negative Terminals and make sure to connect correctly. Otherwise, it will short circuit and burn the Controller. The Charger has the reverse connection protection, but this Controller does not have the reverse polarity protection. In addition, if the original vehicle does not have an electric door lock, it is necessary to connect the electric door lock wire on the Controller to the positive pole of the power supply in parallel.)
Step 3: Keep the motor drive wheel in a suspended position, ensuring it does not touch the ground and obstacles, otherwise the Controller may burn out in subsequent operation.
(If the Controller is used on the same mechanical equipment, because of the load weight of the mechanical equipment, the motor may be relatively large, so it may be advisable to first take off the chain or gear connecting the load of the motor, and then put the motor in the no-load suspended state.)
Finally, turn the throttle handle, and the motor will gradually accelerate to normal operation.
Step 4: Manually release the brake handle, mechanical brake device, etc. (If there is an electronic brake, it also needs to be released).
Step 5: Turn the vehicle key, open the electric door lock and energize the Electric Vehicle Controller.
(Note: Do NOT turn the speed control handle at this time).
Step 6: Connect the speed control handle wires or accelerator wires.
[Note: There is also positive and negative poles in the handle wires. The Red wire is +4.3V (or+4.2V or+5V). The Green wire is the signal wire. The Black wire is the negative pole wire (GND).
Ensure to connect it correctly, otherwise wrongly connecting it may result in short-circuit and burning of the acceleration handle or Controller.]
****After the above steps are completed in the right order, you can turn the speed control handle and drive normally. ***