1 kw to 200kw SRM Motor

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Brand : EMF
Category :  SRM Switched Reluctance Motors
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Specifications of 3 Phase Switched Reluctance Motors with TBK Controller (Suitable for Passenger 3-Wheeler and Passenger 4-Wheeler Micro Van).
Rated Voltage (V): 60/72 Volt DC.
Class of Insulation : Class F/Class B.
IP Rating : IP 67.
Option : 48 Volt.

SRMs have an alternate motor configuration which contains zero permanent magnets.
Electromagnetic torque is produced on the principle of variable reluctance.
 As a singly excited and doubly salient electric motor, it has salient poles on both the rotor and the stator but only the stator carries windings. 
The rotor is simply built from a stack of salient pole laminations. 
 In the past, SRMs were not viable for commercial use due to factors such as high cost of power electronics and high torque ripple.
It has overcome many of the limitations of existing SRM technology to revive it as a high efficiency digital motor suitable for a wide range of applications.
 In the process, many new IPs were developed, and a full PCT patent for our SRM was filed with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) in December 2019.
Today, our S-Motors are a cost competitive electric motor option.

Key Features 
Great reliability due to simple and robust construction.
High power-weight & torque-weight ratios.
Very high speed.
No rare-earth permanent magnets.
Customizable torque speed characteristics.
Ranges & Applications 
Power range from 0.1kW to 200KW.
 IP Environmental Rating available.
Electric Two- & Three-Wheeler Vehicles.
Submersible Pumps.