05 36 250 210 Hub Motor

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Brand : EMF
Category :  Hub Motor
SKU: EMF70033

Motor Outer Diameter :  140 mm
 Shaft Length : 200mm
Brake Compatible: Standard Cycle 
Disc Brake Spokes Holes : 36 
Spokes Holes PCD: 128mm

Speed - Low speed Motors support up to 25 km/h
Output - 250W
 Torque - 11 Nm nominal and 50 Nm peak torque.
Weight - 3 Kg
Function - Variable Controller

Hub Motor series is characterized by reliable technology and flexible configurations.
Our air-cooled Hub Motors are not affected by potential motor heat generated that might impair system performance.
Whether used as a front or rear wheel drive, the option of turning the drives in both directions opens up a wealth of usage applications and product design possibilities.
Our drive can be installed in the front or rear wheel and the shaft can be modified to the design needs of the customer for specific application needs.
This lowers manufacturing costs and gives our customers the highest possible flexibility in product design.
Our warranty options also deliver after sales services and enable overall customer satisfaction.