About Us

Wake up to the new service revolution!

evGracias.com is the registered association representing Indian manufacturers of electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicle components. We have built a one stop shop for all Electric Vehicle needs. It isn't a one-and-done event—it's a journey.

EV Gracias has contributed significantly to the cause of promotion of EVs in the country.

We're excited to introduce you to some of our best services.

  • EV Bike/Scooter Sales
  • EV Parts/Chargers/Battery Sales
  • Road Assistance

For a new technology to be adopted, the consumer should be aware of it and perceive it to have more value than the existing technology.

We are spending days building and testing data and creating strategic alliances with the original data providers to develop lists exclusively for the EV aftermarket.

In the process of initiating business in “evGracias.com” we are looking forward to collaborating with you for the EV and its respective accessories. We are planning to set up a medium, where we can sell a product on your behalf.

Brand awareness also impacts consumers' idea of EVs available in the market. This idea perception will endeavour only if the consumer gets a perfect match of all the EV products in one shop. The consumer will have a variety of queries, concerns etc., and those will be addressed by us. Creating a comparison window would help the consumer to pick the best for their requirements.

Maintenance and battery replacement costs has a major bearing on purchase decisions among the survey respondents. As EVs in India are still relatively new, the lack of skilled local mechanics and the high battery replacement cost were found to be major factors in making people wary of buying EVs. As per the survey response and user experience, the fact that consumers need to visit the manufacturer's service centre to get EVs repaired, which costs time and money, is a deterrent to EV adoption. Our motto is to reduce this effort for an EV consumer and make the process seamlessly smooth.

Among the other consumers, there can be mass adoption only when the upfront cost is competitive as compared to other vehicles.